GeoInfo Mobile

Designed specifically for the mining industry GeoInfo Mobile facilitates standardized and robust descriptive data collection and GPS location information for field activities.                           

Latest News!!!  GeoInfo Mobile version 2.6 for Android is now available, along with GeoInfo Mobile version 3.0 for Windows tablets.  

  • Geochemistry Sample Card – For collecting surface geochemistry samples 

  • Observation Database – For collecting field observations (digital field notebook with pick lists!)

  • Data Logger – For logging drill holes, trenches, underground workings and blast holes.  

Standardized pick lists, automated GPS locations, and defaulted common fields makes filed data entry fast and easy.  GeoInfo Mobile provides clean standardized digital database ready data from field activities.  Company or Project business/geologic rules are set in GeoInfo Mobile and enforced at the point of collection, the field. Post field work office data clean up is not required! Errors are reduced!

Experienced geologists benefit by the speed, accuracy, and thoroughness of data collection!  Junior geologists benefit by the prompting and educational benefit of robust attribute fields and properly set up pick lists!

GeoInfo Mobile is fully integrated with GeoInfo Tools, a corporate database solution for the mining and mineral exploration industries, GeoInfo Mobile is a stand alone data collection app for geologists and data collectors, however it is also a data collection app for GeoInfo Tools users. GeoInfo Mobile imports pick lists managed by GeoInfo Tools to provide business rules in the field, and exports collected data for easy import into GeoInfo Tools.

GeoInfo Mobile v2.6 for Android, new for 2020 allows users to collect field data on small handheld or phone devices.

GeoInfo Mobile for Android is;

  • Field Data Collector, with built in pick list and business rules
  • GPS, automatically record location information
  • Compass, read azimuth and dip for structures and surveys
  • GIS Mapper, fully integrated with GIS and mapping apps.  See your field data on maps as you collect it, a complete field data collection and GIS mapping solution.

Download GeoInfo Mobile v2.6 For Android User’s Manual for more details, Downloads/GeoInfo Mobile v2.6 User Manual.pdf.

Download mobile device, narrow screen, version of GeoInfo Mobile v2.6 For Android User’s Manual for more details, Downloads/GeoInfoMobileUserManual.pdf.

Contact for a free demo version.


GeoInfo Mobile v3.0 for Windows tablets can be integrated with Simple GIS, ArcGIS or other Windows GIS software allowing users to view, navigate to and edit GeoInfo Mobile data on GIS maps in the field.

Download GeoInfo Mobile v3.0 for Windows User’s Manual for more details, Downloads/GeoInfo Mobile Users Manual.pdf.